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Fargo-Hanna Ltd. has four generations of owners spanning over 100 years. Traveling by car in 1919, Abraham Fargo and James Hanna Sr. peddled their wares, which consisted of Persian rugs, Chinese porcelain, and fine hand-woven linens. After opening a retail location in Charlotte, the two decided to move their families, with Fargo relocating in Durham and Hanna moving to Blowing Rock and Sarasota, Florida. Despite the distance between the two, they remained close friends and established a very successful business known as Fargo-Hanna Oriental Rug Gallery.


A History of Dedication and Service Since 1919

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Company Beginnings


As a student at N.C. State University, James Hanna Jr., better known as Jimmy, spent a lot of time with Abraham Fargo. As with his own father, who taught him much, he watched and learned from Abraham Fargo. In 1969, when Abraham Fargo was thinking of retiring, he offered Jimmy the business he and James Hanna Sr. had started, and Jimmy gladly accepted. Abraham Fargo and James Hanna Sr. passed away in 1970 and 1973 respectively, leaving the business and legacy they created in the hands of young Jimmy. For 35 years, Jimmy dedicated himself to this business and cherished the relationships he built with his customers and the community. Jimmy built his own legacy and was well-known throughout the United States and several other countries until his passing in 2004.

Today, Fargo-Hanna Ltd. is operated by Jimmy's wife, Layla, daughter, Barbara, and son, Michael. Layla's grandchildren, Kimberly and Andrew, are now integrated into the business and have taken on business development roles. Sometimes, Layla's great-grandson, Weston, will even be at Fargo-Hanna when he is not in school. Fargo-Hanna is still a family-owned and operated full-service Oriental rug gallery. Along with all types of rugs, Fargo-Hanna Ltd. offers hand-woven linens, porcelain lamps, collectables from Swarovski™ and Hummel™ figurines, antique furniture, and other hidden gems. We've been serving the Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas for over 105 years, and plan to continue serving you for another century more!

The Next Generation